The K4E car parking lift allows driver on board during operation for the
whole of its maximum travel distance. Operation is via a touch screen
easily accessible by the driver on board.


The K4E travels at a maximum speed of 150mm/second (9-metres per minute) fully loaded thus capable of travelling between 3-metre levels in approximately 20 seconds. The maximum speed is set by the Australian Standard and is specific to when a person is travelling on the lift platfrom. The K4E has the ability to double its travel speed when it is unloaded for both the up and down motions. This load sensitive over speed (LSOS) is able to provide major reductions in the full cycle time of the lift. Additionally, in order to minimise waiting time in high capacity buildings the K4E can travel at 80% overspeed when being called (unloaded) to the respective level.


The unique drive system relies on fail safe brakes which engage in a matter of milliseconds and doesn’t need to rely on clunky, failure-prone locking pin arrangements to ensure the platform is secure at the entry and exit levels. The lift is managed by a Category 3 safety control system comprising market leading Siemens variable speed drive and sensor technology which constantly monitors critical systems to provide safe operation.


The K4E has the capability to harness the kinetic energy normally discharged by conventional drive systems and store this energy in a battery backup array capable of saving energy bills and providing emergency means of egress in the event that a vehicle is in the lift during an unscheduled mains power outage. The K4E has the ability to run completely off grid. Owners can choose to install the ACL Solar Option which, together with the ACL battery and ACL regenerative power technology (RPT) will enable the system to operate with no connection to mains power.


Uniquely designed and manufactured in Australia, the K4E meets the internationally recognised global essential safety requirements for elevators and is designed in accordance with the relevant Australian design and installation standards: including but no limited to AS ISO 22559, AS4024, AS3000, AS3990.

A range of customisable interiors are available, including cladding and lighting
Save on energy costs and provide emergency access.
 Available for roller doors and home automation systems.
AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED Designed and manufactured in Melbourne for installation Australia wide.


Lift Type
Car Lift - Driver on Board
Shaft Dimensions
5300mm x 3800mm
Pit Depth
Platform size
5250mm x 3000mm
Max Vehicle Dimensions
5000mm x 2500mm
Lift car: Wall & Roof Details
Galvanised steel mesh
Chequer plate & other finishes on request
Travel Speed
- 150mm/s - (approx. 20seconds per 3m landing)
- 100% overspeed possible when travelling unloaded
Maximum Rated Capacity
Platform Controls
Touch screen panels
12months from practical completion
- AS ISO 22559 Global essential safety standards for elevators
- AS/ANZ 3000 – Electrical Installations
- AS/ANZ 4024 – Machinery Safety
- AS3990 – Mechanical Steelwork
Structural Requirements
Vertical load on pit: 15kN per corner. Wall loads (horizontal): 3kN per bracket
Electrical Power Requirements
12kW, 415V 3PH
Motor Location
On board
Safety Features
- Software & hardware over-travel limits sensors.
- Back-up ‘at-floor’ detection
- 4 absolute encoders maintain level
- Back-up skew detection limit
- Automatically engaged safety brakes
24/7 emergency call out response and service contracts
Full Technical Specifications Request

Full Technical Specifications Request

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